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A few businesses now offering rewards on MyEnergy:

Who We Are

MyEnergy is a free website that helps people save energy and money. By helping them see historical trends and compare with others, we make it easy for our users to see patterns in their home energy usage so they can save more easily. We also offer rewards to our users based on their monthly savings.

How It Works

  • People across the nation use MyEnergy to track their home’s energy usage and save on their energy spending.

  • MyEnergy users who save at home can earn exclusive discounts, products, or access with our rewards partners.

  • When rewards are redeemed, we provide members with a coupon or promo code that they can use upon checkout with the rewards partner.

MyEnergy does not process payments on our site or charge any fees. It is free to use for you and all of our users.

Benefits to Rewards Partners

  • No cost to participate as a MyEnergy Rewards Partner.

  • A free way for you to attract new customers to your business from our nationwide (and growing) membership base.

  • Participation in the program brands you as a supporter of energy efficiency and responsible living.

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